The Ultimate List of Verified Wholesale Food Suppliers in Dubai

Finding reliable wholesale food suppliers in dubai is crucial for businesses in the food industry. Here’s a curated list of verified suppliers known for their quality products and excellent service:

1. Fresh Express Trading LLC

  • Products: Fresh produce, dairy products
  • Why Choose: Known for high-quality fresh produce and timely deliveries.
  • Contact: Fresh Express Trading LLC

2. Al Mayar General Trading

  • Products: Grains, spices, nuts
  • Why Choose: Wide variety of products sourced globally, reliable service.
  • Contact: Al Mayar General Trading

3. Horeca Trade

  • Products: Meat, poultry, seafood, dairy
  • Why Choose: Specializes in serving the hospitality industry, high-quality products.
  • Contact: Horeca Trade

4. Bidfood Middle East

  • Products: Diverse range of food products
  • Why Choose: Extensive network of suppliers, international standards of quality.
  • Contact: Bidfood Middle East

5. Almaya Group

  • Products: Various food items
  • Why Choose: Chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets, competitive pricing.
  • Contact: Almaya Group

6. Chef Middle East

  • Products: Gourmet ingredients, frozen products
  • Why Choose: Premium quality products, extensive product range.
  • Contact: Chef Middle East

7. Fresh to Home

  • Products: Fresh seafood, meat, poultry
  • Why Choose: Online marketplace, fresh and responsibly sourced products.
  • Contact: Fresh to Home

8. NRTC Fresh

  • Products: Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Why Choose: Direct sourcing from farms, reliable delivery.
  • Contact: NRTC Fresh

9. Prime Gourmet

  • Products: Premium meats, gourmet food products
  • Why Choose: Specializes in high-quality meats, excellent customer service.
  • Contact: Prime Gourmet

10. Al Rawdah

  • Products: Fresh chicken, eggs
  • Why Choose: Largest producer in the UAE, sustainable practices.
  • Contact: Al Rawdah


Choosing the right wholesale food suppliers in Dubai is crucial for the success of your business. These verified suppliers offer a wide range of products, from fresh produce and meats to gourmet ingredients and specialty items. Whether you’re in the hospitality industry, catering business, or retail, these suppliers can meet your needs with their commitment to quality and reliable service. For more information, visit their websites or contact them directly to discuss your requirements and get started with sourcing the best food products for your business in Dubai.

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